First steps using Rascal


You can start using Rascal by following these steps:

  • Download and Install Rascal by carefully following the instructions at the Rascal Website.

Please respect the recommended versions of Java (JDK) and Eclipse (Eclipse for RCP Developers). In case of installation problems you can consult the trouble shooting page or StackOverflow.
  • Start Rascal. The Rascal system comes in two flavours: a command line version and a version integrated in Eclipse.

At the command line the Rascal system can be invoked by typing the command rascal. Next, the Rascal prompt rascal> appears and you can start typing commands (declarations, statements, expressions). To simplify interactive use, semicolons (;) that end commands may be omitted at the top level.

rascal command is not yet standard installed
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In the Eclipse version, Rascal modules can be edited and a command console is also available.

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Where to go from here: have a look at Getting Help and in particular further reading or just click the RascalTutor logo rascal tutor small at the top left of each Tutor page.